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Best Android Music Apps

Which music apps are the best for playing local music saved on your phone or tablet? On my phone I use two apps to play local music BlackPlayer EX and Rocket Music Player.

BlackPlayer EX
BlackPlayer EX
Developer: FifthSource
Price: $3.49

BlackPlayer EX is my main app for music for these reasons:

  • Theming can change the Now Playing page in addition to other screens in the app and customizing colors to match that of the album artwork
  • scrobble support
  • Play queue management and playlist modification is easy to manage
  • Desktop widget is attractive looking
  • Notifications can be customized as well to match that of the album art of the song being listened to
  • Beta channel is available to get updates faster and has a Google+ community for help/reporting bugs
  • Free version is available to test the app before deciding to buy the paid app for more features and faster updates
Rocket Music Player
Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player is my other music app for the one reason that it can handle song ratings from iTunes and sync back my changes. If I didn’t use iTunes to organize my music I probably would not use Rocket Music Player. The same developers that make this app also make iSyncr which handles the syncing of music from my computer to my phone.

Why I use Rocket Music Player:

  • Syncing of song ratings changes between iTunes and my phone
  • Theming allows for similar coloring of the Now Playing screen to match artwork like BlackPlayer
  • Customization of how screens look and operate
  • scrobble support

My one complaint with the app is that the Now Playing functionality is a little confusing in that making changes to the queue is not as straightforward. Changing the queue the user needs to exit the Now Playing screen and find the menu option at the top of the screen. It’s not accessible with a swipe like that of BlackPlayer.

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