Manage Docker Using Portainer

Manage Docker Using Portainer
Portainer – Container Management View

In my previous Docker posts I detailed what Docker is and how to setup docker containers through Docker Compose. Portainer can be used to help view logs and interact with Docker containers through a web application.

Portainer allows for container management through UI which means the user does not need to interact with command line or have to be directly accessing the computer running Docker.

Many other areas of Docker can be viewed like Volumes, Networks, Images, and Stacks. More information can be found at their official website:

Sample Portainer Docker Compose

            - '9009:9000'
            - '8000:8000'
        container_name: portainer
        restart: always
            - '/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock'
            - 'C:\Docker\Portainer:/data'
        image: portainer/portainer