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Use Authelia to Protect Public Applications

Authelia is an open-source authentication application which can be used for single sign-on and 2FA (two-factor authentication) for applications through a login portal.

Main Features of Authelia

Example of the Authelia Flow

Authelia Flow Chart
Source: Authelia Github

Docker Compose Example

        container_name: authelia
        image: authelia/authelia
          - C:\Docker\authelia\authelia\:/config
          - 'TZ=America/New_York'
          - default
          - authelia
          - 9091:9091
        restart: always

        image: redis:alpine
        container_name: redis
          - authelia
          - ./redis:/data
          - 6379:6379
        restart: always
          - TZ=America/New_York

Authelia Setup

Authelia provides different configuration types depending on the required types of authentication and external dependencies. If used in a small scale for public services the Lite bundle should be fine. Take a look at the Authelia Github page for more information.

Authelia Reverse Proxy Setup

I use the LetsEncrypt Nginx Docker container which includes Authelia built in but needs to be enabled. Additional information for troubleshooting can be found on the Proxy Integration page maintained by Authelia.


Authelia provides additional security to any services or hosted applications which are public facing and might not provide its own login method or where a 2FA is needed. Installation requires no coding to integrate and is done with some basic configuration files and reverse proxy setup which is all covered in the documentation.

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